I have the following problem: plugin implementetd by myself and a (mozilla) sample plugin 'scriptable' work fine under the older mozilla browser versions (concrete Mozilla 1.7.13, plugin compiled with 'Gecko-SDK 1.4b'). The identical pluginfiles copied to the actual firefox folder (*.xpt --> ..\components und *.dll--> ..\plugins; 'compreg.dat' and 'xpti.dat' successfully checked) receive following error in the error console (HTML-Code see below): "embed.ShowVersion is not a function" - dito with the Clear-function.
HTML-testcode is:

<embed type="application/scriptable-plugin" width=600 height=40><br>
var embed = document.embeds[0];
function _ShowVersion() { embed.ShowVersion(); }
function _Clear() { embed.Clear(); }
<form name="formname">
<input type=button value="Show Version" onclick='_ShowVersion()'>
<input type=button value="Clear" onclick='_Clear()'>

Same result with compiling under 'Gecko-SDK 1.7'. What can be the reason ?? Any Idea ??