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Thread: "How to determine which onclick event called the same html file"

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    "How to determine which onclick event called the same html file"

    Hello all,

    This is a follow up with a new question from a post I did last week. (http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/sh...30#post1089230)

    I have an experimental website where I have music recordings. www.DansPianoJazz.com When you open the site, each page uses a piano keyboard graphic to navigate between pages. If you click on a key that says "Jukebox" it will open a small window and continuously play tunes. The way the jukebox works basically is, when you click the jukebox key it calls an html file which contains the information needed to play the first song. When that song is finished it calls another html file with the information to play the second song and so on. Each html file contains an embedded Windows Media Player in it.

    I would like to give visitors the option to use the QuickTime player. So I can have one key in the keyboard graphic that say “Jukebox – for Windows Media Players” and then another key in the graphic that would say “Jukebox – for QuickTime players”. I would like to use both keys to call the same html file. So, in the file I would like to:

    1. Determine which key was pressed in the graphic. (how to send a parameter from the keyboard graphic file indicating which key was pressed)

    2. With that parameter I would then like to invoke the appropriate player. (how to receive that parameter)

    After the help I received last week I have my html in the keyboard graphic file set up as follows to call the first html file with the first song:

    <AREA SHAPE="rect"HREF='ShirleyLee.html'onclick="window.open('ShirleyLee.html','jukebox','toolbar=0,locati on=0,directories=0,status=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=1,resizable=0,copyhistory=0,left=0,top=0,screenX=0, screenY=0,width=410,height=300');return false";onMouseover="document.roll.src=F1_Down.src"onMouseout="document.roll.src=KeysUp.src"COORDS="2 33,344,335,384"NAME="roll"ALT="F1">

    I think we would be talking about the use of forms but not sure how to incorporate along with an onclick event....

    The reason for this post is just to get some high level discussion ideas so that I can take that and go research how to do it. I could ask specifics later.

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