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    Semantic Markup


    I've attached an image of something I'm currently building in one of my pages and was wondering what you think would be the most appropriate markup to use.

    Initially I was thinking of using a table as its tabular data, but then at the same time I thought maybe I should use definition lists as the information displayed is a list of vehicles.

    I assume either could be used correctly, but just wondering what other peoples thoughts on this are?

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    I'd probably do it as a table - even though form a purist point of view you could argue that (styled radio?) button should not be part of one.

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    Tabular: http://www.answers.com/tabular
    Definition 3: Organized as a table or list.

    Generally, a table is semantically more appropriate for a list of items that have the same fields/attributes. But, a list ok for this kind of data as well. However, a list is more semantically appropriate for records with varied columns or other more free-form data.

    And remember that a table is better designed to scale with your data. A list will not naturally resize all of its members to accomodate the largest cell(s).

    Conclusion: However you feel like thinking about it / whichever is easier for you to code.
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    Cool, thanks for your replies. Based on what you both say I think I'm going to use a table.

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