I'm working on building myself a nifty little website using HTML and CSS. Frankly, I don't think it's too fancy... but it seems to have a problem in Netscape.

I've finally got the site to work in all of my browsers... IE is fine, FireFox is fine, Chrome, Opera... all good. BUT, when I opened Netscape, all it would do is load the repeated background image (placed in the body tag). And if that wasn't strange enough... the page height (not specified in the body tag) is correct! When I compare the site between the browsers, Netscape needs to scroll down just as much as the other guys... except nothing is there!

I tried killing off the background image in the body tag, thinking perhaps the rest of everything is hiding behind the background... but in that case it just gave me a blank page... but still with scrolling.

Anyway... my code validates fine in Dreamweaver (except for some min-height stuff, but that's not a big issue)... so technically, I guess, it should work. But it doesn't!

Are there known issues when using CSS positioning in Netscape 9... or is this perhaps just a result of the program being buggy on my system? I've had a hard time finding Netscape bugs, being that it's a discontinued browser... but I want to be thorough.


(PS- I can post my code here if you think it will help... but my site isn't live yet, and a host hasn't been purchased... so I don't have any links to demonstrate the problem with yet.)