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Thread: Firefox 4 :: Video from Mozilla

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    Smile Firefox 4 :: Video from Mozilla

    Just watched this video released from Mozilla. It's a presentation one of their gurus gave about their plans for firefox in the future. They're planning a major paradigm shift in the user interface to further close the gap between the website and browser interactivity, and they made it clear that future software will support things like multi-touch and graphical acceleration. BTW the video is an hour long.

    The main highlights for us are:

    Developer Tools
    They're going to be built into the browser, but it sounds like they're going to compete with Chris Pederick's Add-on Web Developer by giving Firefox similar native functionality. Their screenshots showed a measuring tool as well, and a way to bring up developer's dialogs similar to how one interacts with OSX widgets (if that's what you call them, F11 on a mac).

    Support for HTML 5
    Spotty at best because the standard isn't set yet, so they won't go forward until it is. But Mozilla wants to go full force on when it does.

    Support for CSS 3
    Mozilla is looking into CSS animation with great interest. A few other things too, very interesting.

    Separation of Chrome and Content Processing
    GREAT idea. Separate the processing the machine must do for the browser, and the content itself. That would mean more intelligent allocation of computation, thus better speed.

    Startup Speeds
    They're going to speed things up on startup by eliminating all non-essential processes from startup. I don't know about you, but I like that alot.

    To install add-ons you won't have to restart the program. (at least for most add-ons)

    User / Website Relationship
    They're working on a simple way to login into your most used sites. It'll be like a password manager, but it'll manage cookies, cache, and logins for each site you want. I explained it poorly, watch the video.

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