Hello evryone, i am new to the web development, and i have some isues with POST.
I have to send some values to an external server (to hostelworld.com) for the booking of some hostel using POST. The values are e-mail, first name, credit card number ecc..

I have created a form with textaras, check box, etc... with all the variables requiered. This is the form:

<form id="booking" method="post" action="https://secure.hostelworld.com/bookhostels/xmlapi/SubmitCustomerDetails.php">

This is the part of the API that explains how to make the post request:
Sample Submission of Customer Details

POST /bookhostels/xmlapi/SubmitCustomerDetails.php HTTPS/1.0
Host: secure.hostelworld.com
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-Length: 265


\NOTE: The information for this section must be posted over a secure connection.
The address to post to is:

Now when i made the request, i got an errore, becose the sever of hostelworld talkes the ip of the client, and not the ip of the server, and dosen't allowed the connection.
I think this is an errore becouse there is something wrong withg the post request. I have not inserted in the request this part:
POST .........HTTPS/1.0
Content-Type: .....
Content-Length: .......

I don't now how to insert this in the form, or if i have to insert this in some other way.
Any help is very appreciated.