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Thread: Changes to IE6 css file not affecting the layout

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    Changes to IE6 css file not affecting the layout

    I am using a virtual machine to test in IE6. I have a CSS menu that utilizes a fly out for the submenu. It isn't displaying the same as in IE7 & 8. I have the <!--[if IE6] blah blah in the head of the document template (I'll explain the template aspect soon) but when I make changes to the styles in the IE6 css file, nothing changes???

    I am using the Umbraco CMS to build the site in. The menu is built with a combination of CSS, XSLT and the normal HTML. All of the "if" statements are embeded in a master template that each page uses. I'm not sure if the general public can see the site, but if you can here is the link to the page - http://beta.testamericainc.com/servi...r-testing.aspx.

    The menu is in the box labeled Specialty Offerings.

    First thing is figuring out why I can't modify the menu in my IE6 css file and the Second thing is actually fixing the menu so it displays correctly and the fly outs work.

    Thanks for your help!!!
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