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Thread: Change image size and stuff

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    Change image size and stuff


    Sorry to bother but I need some expert help. I just came back from a trip to find that my teacher has given us a new task, and it has javascript in it, witch is something I have barely been working with since we have not been given any tasks with it before. And the worst part is that I only have 2-3 days to do it..

    The task is a site that must has a javascript image gallery with thumbnails and when you click the thumbnail the image in it must fill the frame of the images in the gallery.. (Don't know if any one gets that )

    Adding a picture to this post so my explanation may make more sense (hopefully)

    I do not expect much but any help will be much appreciated


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    Sorry. Wrong image link..

    <a href='http://bildr.no/view/654638'>http://bildr.no/view/654638</a>

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