"javascript mouseover gallery needs to be clickable in 2 locations"
Hello, I'm a designer who dabbles in the coding side sometimes and have hit a brick wall of sorts. My knowledge is limited but I am a fast learner.

I will be talking about a small gallery that reveals an image upon a user mousing over a "button". The image that is revealed upon mousing over one of 4 buttons, is then clickable to reveal an even larger image as a link. I'd like the button to be clickable.

Immediately to the right of the word "RETENTION" is the area I am referring to.

My Situation: I am using a bit of code I culled from the internet and have had great success in getting it to do what it was designed to do. However, I would like to have not only the image that is revealed upon mouseover to be clickable, but also the button itself that is being moused over.

My Question: I am using buttons labeled 1-4, and upon mouseover they each reveal another image in a static area nearby. The image the buttons reveal are clickable. How can I make the buttons themselves clickable to reveal the same enlarged link? I am using the following bit of code by Dynamic Drive.


Thanks for any help on this issue.