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    same content throughout pages

    Hi. I'm designing a web site for a client who wants to be able to edit what I've done in Dreamweaver. I have never used it and just use html, css, and javascript. Is there any way to have the same content displayed on every page without doing any server-side code? I would like for the client to be able to change the text in one place and have it change on every page. Thanks.

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    Server Side Includes are the best way to go. You can use the PHP method or the easier way if you don't like PHP. The alternative for allowing someone else to manage content is to use a Content Management System (CMS).

    Free Content Management Systems:


    File Thingie?(small web-based file manager written in PHP. It is intended for those who need to give others access to a part of their server's file system when FTP is not practical): http://www.solitude.dk/filethingie/

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    Quote Originally Posted by violinssoundcoo View Post
    .........Is there any way to have the same content displayed on every page without doing any server-side code?..............
    If you are limited to client-side only, then one way to do it is to put the 'common' content's markup into a string in a javascript function and then call the function to ouput the string wherever you like on any page on the web site.

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