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Thread: Help needed in simple javascript code

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    Help needed in simple javascript code

    Hi ,
    I am a pro at plsql but have been given to code in javascript for a small requirement which is as follows.
    Name of the report :Open Calls report
    PARAMETERS Country code, Date Range , Incident Status and Incident Type

    For the report .If we are not filtering out certain parameters the parameters page should just have 'All' instead of listing all the values. For example, if we run the report and don’t choose a country, it will run the report for all countries. The parameters page should say all “Country Code: ALL” and not Country Code: CA,CH,CZ,FR,DE,US etc.

    I need to add the above req in following code :
    function AddValueToSelectedList(p_LimitVal, p_BHasCodeCol, p_SectionObj)
      var l_LimitVal = p_LimitVal;
        var l_StartIdxOfCode = l_LimitVal.lastIndexOf(" ") + 1;
        l_LimitVal = l_LimitVal.substr(l_StartIdxOfCode);
    How to achieve this ?
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    Insufficient data. Either post the whole code, HTML included (it is essential, as JavaScript acts over HTML elements) or better post a link to a test page. And give us, please, more details.

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