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Thread: How to put image in popup window?

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    How to put image in popup window?

    Hello everyone;

    I know that any html code can be written in a popup window by below technique:

    myWindow = window.open('', 'header', 'menubar=0', 'toolbar=0', etc..);
    myWindow.document.write('<font color=red>Hello World!</font>');

    But when I type;

    myWindow.document.write('<img alt=ALTERNATIVE src=./image.jpeg>');

    It never shows the image, instead it shows 'ALTERNATIVE' written on the page. I can't understand why it's doing this. Anyone of you has an idea? I'd appriciate it..

    Than you very much..

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    there should be two periods in your src attribute src=../image.jpg

    try this

    myWindow.document.write("<img alt='ALTERNATIVE' src='../image.jpeg' />");

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    Thanks but I just put that "./image.jpeg" for instance. Normally It's not working even if I put the full path!

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    I wouldn't use document.write().

    Another way of doing it is:

    1) create a <div> in myWindow and give it an id, say 'imgContainer'.

    2) then use

    myWindow.document.getElementById('imgContainer').innerHTML = '<img src="./images/somePic.jpg" alt="some alt text" />';
    3) and make sure the 1st argument in window.open() contains the correct url to your popup. In your code it is empty.
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    Thank you! But It didn't work as well. Still the same..

    This is ridiculous. I can't see the image on the popup window but when I view the source and create an html page by copying that source, it shows the image!!

    Any ideas? Anyone got an experience like this?

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    Hi bud,
    You might find this useful if you just want an image to be displayed in a popup window

    Obviously you will need to edit the image name and the path to get it to work properly.
        <script type="text/javascript">
           function openWin(img){
               var path = "images/"
        <title>Open Window</title>
        <a href="javascript:openWin('image0.png')">open window</a>

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    Hey thanks bud!

    This is kinda report and I'm not trying to show only an image on popup window. But anyway; I found the reason why it's not showing the image. I was using;


    at the end of the code because somehow page was not get to finish loading itself. When I remove the stop(); function everything works normal except as I said the page never gets to finish loading itself!

    Do you have any idea why it happens? By the way; my browser is firefox..

    Thanks again..

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