Hi Folks,

I am not too familiar with PHP but did manage to get a simple contact form together but while the data seems to get submitted okay, the email I get in empty and comes from 'INVALID_ADDRESS@.SYNTAX-ERROR.' which puzzles me very much...!

The other thing I would like to implement is a redirection to a web page after users submit the form.

Any help/tips would be much appreciated!

You can see the form (html) here - http://www.lalydesign.co.uk/organics...ntact_test.php

And this is the PHP code (send_contact.php) I am using to process the data

// Contact subject
// Details
// Mail of sender
// From
$name <$mail_from>";
// Enter your email address
// Check, if message sent to your email

echo "We've received your contact information";
else {
echo "ERROR";