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Thread: Calling functions from the main page...

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    Calling functions from the main page...

    Hey I'm having trouble calling javascript functions that are loaded in the main window.

    Here's what happens:

    - when a link is clicked on my page, the contents of a div are reloaded with new contents from another file.

    - The new file only contains the new contents of the div.

    - I want the new contents of the div to call a function that was originally loaded before the new contents were reloaded.

    - So, the main page loads the information and the javascript functions. Then, when the link is clicked, the new contents are loaded into the div with a link that calls a function that was already loaded.

    - However, nothing happens when I click on the link to call the function.

    Is there something I need to do to call the function?

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    post your code - I, for one, am not good at guessing code by mind reading

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