Firstly, I have no clue about XML.

What I know is that I find the format of the source code very useful for manipulating in Excel and that's what I've done before and am trying to do again.

Some time ago I managed to find the following link that gave me some excellent data for Horse Meetings/Races from the site:
(obviously the date varies)

Now I want to take it one step further and get similar data for the runners within a race. However, I have a big problem, I can't find similar xml code for this. In fact, I can't even remember how I got this original link! I've tried the various "Page Source" methods in both IE and Firefox but they just come up with html and not the xml that I'm after.

Can one of you gurus help me out and tell me how I might have found this information last time? How can I find such information again for another web-page?

Thanks, it's really bugging me!