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Thread: twitter feeds not coming

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    twitter feeds not coming

    Guys i m just new to php or would say i don't know PHP

    I want to integrate my tweets into my static site, so after lots of browsing over the net , i got following link to incorporate tweets :


    i followed all the steps given , but the problem is i m not able to see any tweets. all i see is more link which doesn't have any link either.

    do i need to upload files, i m browsing through local host so i don't think it required. i checked through firebug, it is generating the following code:

    <style type="text/css">&lt;!--
    @import "twitter-rss/twitter-rss.css";
    <ul id="twit-twit">
    <li class="twit-more"><a href="" class="twit-more">More </a></li>

    pls help.

    or let me know any other way around!


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    If you are including only CSS part, it may not work. Please see as mentioned below.

    1. please see that php xml_parser module is there in the web hosting space provider where the site is hosted.
    2. please see that you have included the <?php include_once('path/to/twitter-rss.php'); ?>
    3. Yes , you need to upload all the files to the web server space, where the rss page to appear.

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