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Thread: Help Making Dynamic Image Rotator

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    Help Making Dynamic Image Rotator

    Hi guys (and gals)

    I'm a designer at heart, but am learning (slowly but surely) the art of coding. So please be patient if I display ignorance from time to time.

    I came across Sweetwater.com (a musician's supplier) and I am coveting their site.

    First thing, I'd love something similar to their "today's top features" java rotator. (gosh its beautiful).

    I'd love to have something similar -- except with a dynamic back-end. For example -- if it could read the images and descriptions from a folder or specific URL or even a .txt file on the server. Something other than editing the HTML by hand would be most awesome.

    Anybody have any ideas or tips in helping me get this feature on my site?


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    What code have you been failing with so far?

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