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Thread: Where can I a javascript download

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    Where can I a javascript download

    I am running Vista and Explorer 8. When trying to set up A Quicken account download I get the following message: Quicken could not display certain sign up instsructions because you do not have JavaScript enabled for your browser. I have gone to my browser tools and >Internet Options >Security >Custom>Active Scripting>Enable. This doesn't seem to solve my problem.

    I can't find JavaScript in my list of installed programs. When I go to the internet and can't find a site from which I can download JavaScript. The sites all seem to offer fixes for JavaScript buy not just a simple download.

    I would really appreciate some help
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    This has been covered a few times in the past. You should try the forum's search functionality first next time.

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    Having Cookies disabled can also give this error message.
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