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Thread: Multifile upload help

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    Multifile upload help

    I recently downloaded a JS program from Stick Blog and I don't understand JS yet. I'd like to know how to raise the maximum amount of uploads to 15.

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    Are you using the MooTools implementation, or the other older one?

    Their example page has this code:
    // Max 3 files, use '[{id}]' as element name suffix, remove path from file name, remove extra elemen
    new MultiUpload( $( 'main_form' ).use_settings, 3, '[{id}]', true, true );
    There you just have to change the 3 to the amount you want.

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    im using the mootoools library, but i wanna validate the same name of archives, can us help me, i not find information about this topic, thanks

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