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Thread: Browser Resolution Stats

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    Browser Resolution Stats

    Hi there folks.
    I was wondering if any of you have any stats available to you fromsites you have built telling you what viewport resolution your visitors are using?

    I ask as tod ate I have predominantly built aimed at the 1024 width market (site width usually 900-980px) but as more and more widescreen monitors are out there etc, I would like to know if the market is ready to move up a bracket to 1280 width?

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    Nope, no way, not even close. We've (some of us, anyway, including myself) just recently (within the last 6-8 months) made the leap to stop supporting 800x600. 1024 is still the most popular resolution on the web.

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    Ok fair enough, will build for 1024 again on this project, and this time will use google analytics to keep track of my visitors, that way when I do the next revamp I will know if I will be detering any of my visitors

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