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    "static" header/sidebar

    Hi all. I am building a website for my wife's business she is starting and am trying to figure this out: How do I make it so that the header and the sidebar stay the same when a user clicks on a link in the sidebar? The only thing I want to change is the content in the "body" (still learning the terminology). The site is being built with DreamWeaver CS4 and is going to be an online store setup. I have tried searching for a solution, but I don't know the correct terms to use in such a search. I am just getting started with website construction. Could someone point me in the right direction or tell me how to do this?

    Thanks for your time

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    99.9% of people solve this with what's called a Server Side Include. That can be done with a variety of server languages (ie, you can't do this with just html), and the syntax varies just a bit depending on what server language you're using. Basically you "include" a file containing your navigation, into each html file, then you can edit just this one file if you need to change the navigation menu.

    So figure out if your server supports PHP (and then use a PHP Include), or SSI (server side includes), and go from there.


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