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Thread: [RESOLVED] PHP MySQL User Admin.

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    resolved [RESOLVED] PHP MySQL User Admin.

    Hey all,

    I am new to PHP and have been working on a basic login system with user admin "features" to keep in practice with PHP, and maybe even use someday. One of these features is the ability for users to change their password that is stored in a MySQL table.

    I have the script working well enough to change the users password, but this odd popup shows every time the form is submitted, asking to confirm which user(It somehow shows a list of username's from my MySQL table) to change the password for. I have attached an image of the popup to the bottom of this post.

    I have never seen this before, can't find anything like it searching the web, and I really don't want this popup as it is providing a list of all username's to anyone that is logged in.

    Here is the simple query I am making to the database to update the user password in the table "user_system":
    $query = "update user_system set password='$new_pw' where username='$username'";
    mysqli_query($DB_connect, $query);
    Where $DB_connect is the mysql_connect() info, $new_pw is the new password entered in the form, and $username value is retrieved from the $_SESSION array.

    Other notes: Developed locally on MAMP, Session IS started, User is logged in here(confirmed by checking the value of a variable that is set and stored in $_SESSION when logging in).
    ***scratched out questions***

    Please Help me
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