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Thread: Where oh where has my flash gone?

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    Question Where oh where has my flash gone?

    Ok so I have a problem I cannot seem to figure out...

    I am trying to get an interactive flash map to work on my web server. It works perfect locally, but the minute I upload it to my web server it shows up as a blank space.

    Here are the steps I have already taken, but with no success.

    1. Turned off gzip compression (its an apache server)
    2. Uploaded it in binary
    3. Ensured all resources are present and located in the proper place
    4. Ebedded it into an html file
    5. Tried viewing it in multiple browsers
    6. Tried multiple combinations of file permissions

    Link to containing folder - http://www.worldmapbooks.com/exp/xp/new/
    Link to swf - http://www.worldmapbooks.com/exp/xp/new/locator_map.swf
    Link to html - http://www.worldmapbooks.com/exp/xp/new/new.html
    Link to all files (Zipped) - http://www.worldmapbooks.com/exp/xp/New.zip

    I cannot think of anything else to do. Any help is appriciated!

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    The flash element is loading...however even when I go directly to the swf I get a blank white area. Is it possible the flash element is expecting a particular location of supporting files?

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    AHHH... well this one has had me chasing my tail for awhile. Files work perfectly on my local machine but when I upload the files to my server, still no luck... I even tried various different methods of placing the .swf on the page. All work locally but not from the server. However I did notice that you have an swfoject file but are not providing any call to it, so of course that part's not working.
    But the biggie is when I tried to open the .swf in Flash:
    "flash cannot open a protected movie"
    Did you create and own all content? or is this "borrowed" from another site?
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