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Thread: wonder if possible...

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    wonder if possible...

    to have all the :hover subclass fade from their passive states, instead of changing instantaneously? My JS skills are very basic so i just can t figure if such an effect can be done.

    Thanks all for your suggestions.

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    that would be a great tool to have, but just thinking about it for two seconds makes my head hurt lol

    because the hover could represent an image change, underline, color change... the only way i could see it being done is by having JS find all elements with a hover event, then applying a surrounding container to that element (position absolute), then duplicating the element withing the newly created container but applying the hover effects to the newly duplicated element. Then from there a little fadeIn fadeOut would take care of the rest... but thats a MASSIVE can of worms, i cant see all that being worth it.


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