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Thread: JS/Ajax guy needed for small project

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    JS/Ajax guy needed for small project

    I have a small project (which I've been outlining here), and I don't have the training to complete it myself. Basically, I need to connect to a mysql database and display the results, and the traverse the database through buttons on the page one at a time. If you're interested, please PM.


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    Thumbs up I'll help!

    I would like to help you but you'll have to be more specific about the project!!

    Best regards!

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    I have a mysql database which contains quotes and dates for each quote, as well as an ID for each record used a the primary key. I need to be able to read back from the database, displaying the last record first (onload), and then to be able to traverse the database one record at a time, back and forward, by using buttons (links) of the same name.

    You can see the page at:


    This is exactly what I need, but I need to replace the array with the database.

    (PS, I'm right now testing to see if I can just do this in php, so ignore the error warnings from mysql.)

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