I am adding a weather widget to a website for Thredbo Top Station, Australia. (a ski resort)

The Weather widget needs a ASXX number for the Automatic weather station.


The only problem is that when I do a location search for Thredbo AWS or Thredbo Top Station, Australia is says it can't find it.

The Station ID is 071032

The coordinates are: Lat: -36.49 Lon 148.29 Height 1957.0

Each weather station was another ID number starting with ASXX. Ie Cooma’s is ASXX0318

Canberra’s is ASXX0023

Sydney BOM Regional Office is ASXX0274

So I assume Thredbo Top Station must have a similar ASXX number. It might be an international number that say USA uses for identifying AWS’s in Australia.

How do I find the ASXX number for Thredbo Top Station? Who creates these numbers.

Alternatively some guru may be able to advise on the code as to how to get it to work?


Warwick Hastie

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