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Thread: a more advanced find and replace required

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    a more advanced find and replace required

    I use dreamweaver

    on every page there is a code I want to remove:

    <a href="page_59.htm"><img src="../../buttons/btn_next_topup.gif" alt="Next page" name="next_top" width="24" height="19" border="0" class="floattopright" id="next_top" /></a>
    <a href="toc.htm"><img src="../../buttons/btn_contents_topup.gif" alt="Contents page" name="index_top" width="24" height="24" border="0" class="floattopright" id="index_top" /></a>
    <a href="page_57.htm"><img src="../../buttons/btn_prev_topup.gif" alt="Previous page" name="prev_top" width="24" height="18" border="0" class="floattopright" id="prev_top" /></a>

    However I can't use a global find and replace as the code slightly differs per page i.e. page_60, page_61 etc

    The rest of the code remains the same.
    Is there a way to tell to tell the find and replace to find this code but to ignore the parts relating to page_59.

    Something like a wild card i.e.

    <a href="*.htm">

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    This is the HTML forum, not the Dreamweaver.

    Were this in XHTML then I would use JScript or PHP running locally to parse the file and make the change. With HTML I would use PHP to parse it as if it were XHTML. Regular expressions are also an option but parsing is always better.

    What scripting do you have available locally? Are you running Windows?
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