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Thread: Master Detail Page to drop passed url variables

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    Master Detail Page to drop passed url variables

    Hi all, using DW CS4

    I have a master detail page that displays one record at a time, one of the elements being an image's name which is then put into an img tag (this is basically a page that displays an enlarged image from a gallery of images on a previous page)

    This page recieves two values (event and index), event is used in the recordset to retrieve values from a database, and index is used to go to a specific record (to tell the page which picture to first display).

    The problem is that after the page has gotten the information it is bassically set in stone. What I'm trying to say is the navigation buttons for the master detail page dont work because the page always loads with the same image and information.

    Is there a way to pass information through the url and then when one of the nav buttons is pressed that information is dropped?

    This is the url:

    So what I would want is the following url to nav from the gallery to the enlarged image:
    and then the following for navigating in the recordset:

    Thanks in advance, I hope my info is clear and not too long winded

    Edit: The links arent actual even though they take you to a site
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