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Thread: home testing server with imagemagick and sendmail

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    home testing server with imagemagick and sendmail

    I've used my mac as a testing server running php and mysql for years, but for a number of reasons I want to change that now. Among them is the fact that I've never been able to get sendmail and imagemagick working on it (there are several other reasons too... The poor old girl's about 7 years old and struggling a bit!).

    I have an old(ish) PC that I want to set up as a linux file, web and media server. Does anyone know of a distro that I can install that will just have LAMP up and running with sendmail and imagemagick already setup?

    I'm fairly familiar with the ubuntu range of distro's and would prefer that, but I have also used a few others in my time...

    would appreciate any help!

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