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Thread: Automatic Flash Object Playing

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    Automatic Flash Object Playing

    I've dropped a flash video into a page on my site and it loads/plays perfectly but it plays as soon as the page loads. this isn't much of a problem as i'm guessing the solution would mean making a button to play/pause etc but if anyone knows of a simple solution that would be wicked.

    the other thing is that the videos i'm playing are only a few seconds each and they play on a loop which is extremely annoying. they are videos I converted to to .swf format using a simple conversion program from an .avi.

    I'm hoping its just something simple like changing a 0 to a 1 or true to false in the swfobject code page? any ideas?


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    EDIT: These videos are placed in a collapsible accordion panel that come with dreamweaver. I've realised that a solution to the problem of automatic playing would be to find out how to make all of the panels closed by default so that the user has to open one of the panels to start a video playing.

    Unfortunately I dont know how to do this as I dont know java.

    The looping problem still stands as well though.


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    swfobject is really not the Flash player, just a means to place Flash on the page.
    Someplace in your files you will have the actual .swf file. That is where the looping control will occur.
    There is also a difference between looping a .swf that has a stop(); command in the last frame and one that does not.
    If the original .swf has the stop command, it will play all the frames and then stop when it hits that command. To loop, you have to "play it again".
    It the .swf does not have a stop command, when it gets to the last frame it then jumps to frame one and will continue to loop thru all the frames. Each time it comes to the last frame, it will jump to frame 1 and continue. You cannot turn looping on or off because there is no stop action.
    So go back to originals and make sure there is a stop action in the last frame.
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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