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Thread: javascript alert

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    javascript alert


    i would like to add a onfocus alert pop up when a user tabs into a certain field

    so say if i had

    <td align=center><input maxlength=1 size=1 id="end" class="notnumber" name="18n_">

    when the user tabs in to the textfield an alert pops up displaying a informaiton messaage

    i am sorry i am not very good at this but any help would be much apprecaited


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    You need to use onfocus event like
    <td align=center><input maxlength=1 size=1 id="end" class="notnumber" name="18n_" onfocus="popup()">
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function popup(){
    However, once the alert window appears, the field loses focus. So its pretty pointless and will irritate the user (not to mention will make the field un-usable).

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