Please help!
I have a form that i wish the entered fields to be emailed to 2 addresses; my address (bcc) and the email address that the user has entered in the email field on the form.

Before you say it, i know that 'mailto' is not a recommended method but it the only one i can use (due to restrictions at work).

below is the code i am using but it doesnt seem to like [document.forms.request.email.value].

i know it works (including the validation) when i just enter an email address in the code but it doesnt using the email form field.

what am i doing wrong!??

many thanks in advance

<FORM NAME='request'
ACTION="mailto:[document.forms.request.email.value]?subject=Room Request&bcc=katymorgan@morleycollege.ac.uk"
onSubmit="return validateForm(request)">