Hi there,

We have a recently built interface for our customers to buy wall stickers for their kids bedrooms. The thing is powered mostly by Javascript, using a fair bit of jQuery. Unfortunately the system is built on some bad practice techniques, but seems to function well in all my browsers (on a mac, using Firefox, safari, and chrome). It's also tested fine on IE8 for windows.

We've had reports from quite a few customers that our "colour selection dropdown" doesn't work when you click on it. Most of these users seem to be using IE6, but a few are actually on Macs using safari/firefox. I was wondering if anyone here could shed any light on the situation? Is their any errors occurring for these users?

We're hopefully going to get the whole interface recoded at some point, but for now we'd just like to get the colour dropdown work for everyone...

The link to the page is:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Pete.