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Thread: Looking for help finding remote desktop software

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    Looking for help finding remote desktop software

    My job requires the management of a couple of different offices each with a handful of computers. I'm tired of driving to the offices for simple fixes and am looking for ways to do it remotely.

    Creating a VPN into these networks is not an option.

    Can anyone recommend remote desktop software that:
    * That can use profiles (I'd like to save a profile for each computer)
    * That can support multiple connections simultaneously
    * That can be installed on each machine, preferably with ZERO router changes.
    * I have no budget, so I would prefer something Open Source

    Thanks in advance!
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    Well, "Teamviewer" is the one that pops up most in my experience, though I'm not that experienced with remore controling computers, to be honest.
    I think you need someone on the other side to confirm your connection, though.

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