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Thread: mouse events help

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    mouse events help

    i am going crazy this is taling way to long can someone help me out i feel i have tried everything


    <span onmouseover=over('1'); onmouseout=out('1'); onclick=click('1'); id=1 name=1>yoyoyoyo</span>

    <span onmouseover=over('2); onmouseout=out('2'); onclick=click('2'); id=1 name=1>yoyoyoyo</span>

    <span onmouseover=over('3'); onmouseout=out('3'); onclick=click('3'); id=1 name=1>yoyoyoyo</span>

    var hold;

    function over(a){
    function out(a){
    function click(a){
    hold = a;
    i need so when u define hold with click to and then mouseout keep that span green it keeps going back to black even when idefine hold.

    so (if hold != ""){
    i need span ' ' to stay green i hope this makes sense thanks

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    HTML Code:
    <span onmouseover="over(this)" onmouseout="out(this)" onclick="clk(this)" id="sp_1">yoyoyoyo</span>
    <span onmouseover="over(this)" onmouseout="out(this)" onclick="clk(this)" id="sp_2">yoyoyoyo</span>
    <span onmouseover="over(this)" onmouseout="out(this)" onclick="clk(this)" id="sp_3">yoyoyoyo</span>

    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    function over(obj){obj.style.color='green';}

    function out(obj){obj.style.color='black';}

    function clk(obj){obj.style.color='green';}
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