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Thread: Floating issue with navi/content columns

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    Floating issue with navi/content columns

    Can someone please look at the source at the webpage:


    The content is supposed to float right next to the navigation, instead it seems to clear it to the bottom. This has been so frustrating, I hope for and appreciate help.


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    "(1) Remove “position: absolute” property from all the html elements. Mainly from:
    (a) <div id=”photo”>
    (b) <ul> inside <div id=”gnavi”>
    (2) Remove the property “width: 1%” from <div id=”gnavi”>
    (3) Remove the property “float: right”, “width: 800px” from <div id=”photo”>

    After doing all this, your problem will get resolved.
    Try to use only one single style sheet. Try to keep your styling and layout (html) separately. Avoid using the inline styling, and unnecessary styling of elements."

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