I have a lot of flv files with movies and videos ranging from 100 to 500 MBs (20 to 120 min long)... They are all coded to have a bit rate speed under 500 Kbps.

The problem looks like this: Videos play fine for a while, but eventually, after a randon time (generally a long time like 20 to 45 min or more), playing stops and the "loading wheel" keeps goning but no loading activity is done any more.

I found that if you move the playing slyder a little fordwards, downloading and playind restarts... and if then you move the playing slider a little before the point where playing stops initially, playing keeps going with no problem for a lot of time again. As a general figure, in a video 90 min long, you can get the descrived problem 2 o 3 times.

I use Long Tail Video, JW player, with Xmove Stream (pseudo streamer server) scrip...
Videos include MDI data in heading section to allow user jump to any section of the video at any time.

Any sugestions on what is going on and how to avoid this problem...???