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Thread: Is there an HTML code to resize images depending on the browser size?

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    Thumbs up Is there an HTML code to resize images depending on the browser size?

    Hello, i am creating a web page in Kompozer and i want to add a menu bar that resizes itself depending on the size of the browser. The best example i can think of is right here on this website. When you change the size of your brwoser, the red bars on top of each post/thread resize and its contents shift along the bar! how do you do that? another example could be this web page : www.f3music.com. As you can see, the top green bar resizes with the browser window. How can i do this?

    thanks in advance

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    That is called "liquid design", and it is done merely on using CSS. It is not about changing the size of images, it is about changing the size of some HTML elements.


    You may google for more examples

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    CCS - try using % instead of absolute sizes (pt or px).

    I would counsel that you get others to check on the effect on their browser.

    for http://cresby.com I test on IE5.5, Mozilla 1.7.8, FF2, FF3.6.?? (portable) and IE 6 and 7 at public libraries where they restrict severely for obvious reasons.

    I usually ask on the Mudcat Cafe because the content is relevant to that forum. They know what I am trying to do (genre-wise), and some of them are very HTML literate.

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    that´s just what i wanted, thank you!!!

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