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Thread: how to convert this design into HTML

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    how to convert this design into HTML


    I'm trying to design the attached design into HTML. pls not able to convert it successfully.

    problem challenge : how to handle rounded corner images. it is only at 1st and last

    pl help.
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    But this is exactly the job of the designer / developer. To cut a design (usually made in Photoshop) and insert it within a HTML document using CSS and, sometimes, JavaScript.

    This is to be done in many ways, according to the designer's experience and, why not, imagination. But, as far as I can see, you try to do that on using a JPG image as base? If you are a designer, you should extract the cut pieces from the genuine file, for instance in Photoshop from the PSD file, where you can handle the transparent layers independently.

    In other words: are you a web designer?

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