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Thread: javascript communicating with Multimedia (Director)

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    javascript communicating with Multimedia (Director)

    Hello there,

    I am trying to access a function within my Director Multimedia through javascript,

    I am aware of http://dasdeck.de/staff/valentin/lingo/dir_js/ - but I can not even get the examples to work in Internet Explorer 5.5/6/7/8 (Firefox however works fine, only the d11_simple example however)

    Does anyone know of a solution to communicate with my DCR file through HTML Javascript?

    My main intention is to replace SAPI by calling a function to the DCR Multimedia File, since it has access to the native OS TTS (SAPI only works in IE; and not all the time, nightmare in FF)

    Anyhow, any advice would be appreciated.

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    I'm sorry for being persistant, but I am really desperate for this to work ... if anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it, or even if I have to write a function...

    Question : Can I load a Flash (SWF) which isn't embedded in the Director (DCR) and make it call functions to the Director?

    So I can go from JS to Flash to Director? While flash is a seperate object in the HTML and NOT embedded in the Director.

    How would I go about doing that?

    Thank you ....

    This has been a nightmare, its for work and I just want to get off the project .. only thing left is to do this ... want to replace SAPI


    I can get the example to work under Windows XP, but I am running Windows 7. I will try it on another Windows 7 machine at work and if it doesn't work ... then I think we know the answer ....

    Is there a work around for windows 7 Internet Explorer? Without resorting to running in Compability mode - because yo ucan't run IE in compability mode on Win7.
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