I'm about to switch my hosting platform from Windows to Linux, and to combat the case-sensitivity, I'm going to try and run a Find/Replace in Adobe GoLive CS2 with regular expressions to make all links lowercase. I've already made all the file names lowercase on the server, but finding and checking every single link in the code by hand doesn't sound like fun. Here's my code for GoLive's Find and Replace option.

Now I realize this probably isn't the most efficient way of doing it, but I've built it slowly and tested it as I went, making sure that ONLY links in the code (i.e. "<a href="http://www.google.com">") are replaced with their lowercase equivalents. The find part works perfectly. The problem is, the \L and \E parts of the replace string don't seem to work. Every syntax I've found for converting a string to lowercase doesn't seem to work in GoLive... can anyone advise me on how to replace my matched string with itself all lowercase?