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Thread: Image Issue

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    Image Issue

    Ok I have had a look at the Image upload thread, and have downloaded the files to have a look.

    However I need to sort out a pre-exisiting file upload for someone and how it looks to me is that most of whats in that thread is in this file.

    The following is the PHP section of the file.

    PHP Code:
    <script src="js/select-subject.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    require_once "FCKeditor/fckeditor.php";

    $otherpro $_POST['otherproduct'];
    $temp_gallery ="../upload/tmp/";
    $target_dir ="../upload/";
    $query="INSERT INTO ver_pro(prID,cID,pID,mID,name,avail,prCode,price,image_path,description,active,stitle,sdescription,skeywords)     
    /*echo $query;
    header("Location: index.php?cmd=11&error=0");
    move_uploaded_file ($_FILES[ImageFile][tmp_name],$file1);
    $rimg=new RESIZEIMAGE($temp_gallery.basename($file1));
    $filename $target_dir."2_".basename($file1);
    $sSQL "INSERT INTO ver_otherpro (prCode, prOther) values "
    $bAppened FALSE

    $otherpro as $other
                            if (
    $sSQL .= ','
    $bAppened TRUE;
    $sSQL .= "('".$prCode."','".$other."')"
    header("Location: index.php?cmd=11&err=1");
    //end of if
    The file works on self, 'index.php?cmd=10' is the page which loads the form. However it works as in the fact the file path gets inserted, but then no image gets on the server, and I've double checked that it is allowed to upload... Now I never was any good at uploading pictures at uni though php, but I got there in the end, however... we had to save it into the database and I need this to go into a folder on a server.

    Basically I'm not sure how to go about getting the code in the above file working in the same way the files in the .zip from the image thread work.

    Any help I'd really appriciate!

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    In the form that uploads the file, did you set the <form> tag to have the attribute enctype="multipart/form-data"?
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    Yes the form has that. Its just too long for this forums to accept in a post, but yet it is set up correctly, the problem does seem to be with the code.

    Everything inserts to the sql, the picture just doesn't make it to the server.
    L.U.N.E for anyone and everyone who has an interest in literature

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