I run a mac computer and do not yet have parellels so I rely on browser shots to show me the differences cross browser (If anyone knows any better online tools, i'm open to suggestions)

So I have a PRETTY based layout here. There is a left column, header, and right side main content area. (you can view the source or use firebug to see the code) If you require a breakdown of the structure let me know but it would take a bit for me to work it so i'd rather not do it unless it is nessecary.

So here is the link http://bscdeveloper.com/mockups/vers...ed_search.html

What is happening in IE 6 is that the main content area (a div called "page") is being pushed down because of the float (i am assuming).

In IE7, the left twittter panel has a graphic at the top which is displaying way to far away from the actual content.

Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.