Hi there,

I was wondering if anybody can help me? I know what I need to do...but just not sure how to go about doing it. I'm not a whizz at javascript / jquery, so any help any one can give, or point me in the right direction of a tutorial would be much appreciated...

I want to have a jquery modal window which displays automatically when a user visits the site (preferably at any page). This modal window would then contain a disclaimer message with an 'OK' button to acknowledge the user has read the disclaimer. When the OK button is pressed, the modal window closes and the user is free to browse the rest of the site - the modal window would not display again on any other page, nor if the user visits the site at another time.

Now, in theory, i know I need some code for a jquery window that automatically displays, and then have to set a cookie to ensure that the browser doesn't display it again, but I'm just not sure which is the best method to go about it. Can anyone recommend a tutorial or point me in the right direction to achieve what I need to?

Thanks in advance