Hello all
Since this is my first time here I thought Id introduce myself as well as prep you on my question. I am an experienced developer of over 15 years. I started designing html sites and programming out of notepad in the mid 90s. My career profession is a Software Engineer. I plan, develop, manage, and maintain software applications, firmware and database systems for an engineering company as well as being the Developer & Webmaster. I am an experienced programmer of many languages and knowledgeable of virtually all. I began my career in the early 90s in Commercial Arts and very proficient in Graphics Design.

While I am very proficient in Web Development and Graphics I am more of a Computer Programmer. However I enjoy the Web Development more, so most of my work specializes in backend development. I mostly develop member login systems, custom CMS, storefronts and ecommerce systems. Much of my work entails creating a dynamic backend to sites already built.

Well know that you have the overview:

I was asked if I could develop an online network of web systems for the county. This will entail of-course the online presence with Websites and also a local Web intranet. I have much experience in this area of development so that should be breeze. My problem is that I have no experience in negotiating a contract for such things. I have done many freelance jobs and I only needed a standard web contract. Commencing a contract with the county government is new territory.

Does anyone have any experienced advice in this area? Links to any info or resources online? I work as a DBA with a Tax ID Number but nothing more in that area. Would I need more? And for negotiating the price/costs, I dont want to overdo it do however I do not want to under do it and make myself look like an amateur. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks.