Hello Everyone,

I am a wordpress coder and my company has been growing significantly over the past year or so. Due to an increasing workload, I recently began to hire independent contractors from resources like ***** and Elance. I have built a great team, and am very happy with their performance, however I also have to keep mind the possibility that any one of them may decide one day, that they are unhappy with my company.

In this case, I am concerned that ( out of spite ) there is a chance they could decide to destroy any of my client websites. For this reason, I always have the contractor do the developing on my servers then I personally move the files to my client server once the project is complete.

The problem with this, is that my client base keeps growing, which is making it increasingly more difficult to keep up with my workload plus move files server-to-server on work done by contractors.

I would like to begin allowing my guys to have access to my clients servers, while at the same time protect my client and my company in the case there is a problem with the contractor.

My Question:
Is there a solution that provides a browser based ftp client, that will allow me to securely store my clients ftp credentials then provide my contractors / employees login access to that environment. This would allow me to regulate the servers and directories each person could access. From here, they would be able to login --> select a client --> then ftp into the server, having access to only the directories I allow them to.

In the case something went wrong and the contractor no longer was with my company, I could then terminate their account with the system as opposed to having to change 50 ftp accounts.

Additional Details

1) My client base is constantly growing. I also offer site support for clients that did not hire my company to develop their original project.

Because of this, I have a large number of ftp accounts inside my CRM. At any given time, one of my contractors will need to access these ftp credentials, to make changes.

I would like to have an environment where ( instead of having access to the actual ftp credentials ) the contractor / employee could login to the central environment then ftp into the client they select ( using a browser ftp ).

2) I understand that no solution will be 100% secure. However, I would like to have a little more protection than just giving any new contractor / employee I may hire, the logins for each and every client project they work on.

If the above does not exist, I would really appreciate any advice for handling this situation.


Best Regards,