Hi, I hope someone can help us -- we have an ecommerce website that depends on customers having a good user experience, but we have been having this problem that our developer for some reason, cannot solve for some reason.

Basically, if you refresh the page on the site, all of the css is lost, it won't pick it up. Usually, if you refresh again, it will be correct again. In IE8, even refreshing won't help, the css will not come back in.

Has anyone heard of anything like this?? The site is in ASP.NET and prob Ajax --

the worst case scenario is when the css menus just list all of the items in the dropdowns - at the top of the page. It looks HORRIBLE. This only happens sometimes, and other times it is ok.

I would really appreciate it if someone out there had some clue as to what is going on and why the css is not picked up every time. I am not sure if it is because it is calling the css securely, ie https... somebody in our company with a fancy title and making a ton of money no doubt originally screwed up the security certificates and then we had to change every image etc. to https. Not sure at all if this has anything to do with this annoying refresh/css issue.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Thanks!