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Thread: Table Join help needed

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    Table Join help needed


    I'm having some problems working out the best way to perform a join on 2 tables when i need to match 2 records from 1 of the tables.

    Basically, i have a user table and a publish table.

    The user table contains all the users on the site (userID and userName)
    The publish table contains a number of records that show when content was submitted and approved. (submittedBy (userID), approvedBy (userID), contentID).

    Basically i need to query the publish table and get the names of the 2 users that submitted and approved the content.

    So the result would be
    contentID, submittedBy Ted, approvedBy Bob.

    I've tried a few JOIN statements and EXISTS but just can't get this to work.

    Can anyone help? Or suggest another way of storing the data i need?

    Thanks for your help

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    What SQL server are you using?
    Won't something like
    select p.contentid, u1.username, u2.username
    from publish as p
    join users as u1 on p.submittedby = u1.id
    join users as u2 on p.approvedby = u2.id
    be appropriate?

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