So we are getting ready to launch this site, and there are a few little CSS quirks I am trying to fix.

Take a look at this link:


Notice how in the title box (<h1>) that the text on the left side is in the upper-left corner, and not centered in the box light it should be.

The text size used to be 22px, so it fit just fine. But we made the text smaller but now it won't seem to vertically center.

Here is a screenshot for reference:


Here is the code:
<h1 style="height:27px"><div style="width:600px;float:left;position:absolute:center:;"><&#37;=pCategoryName%></div><div style="width:100px; float:right; position:relative; top:3px; right:0px; ">
<input type="button" class="submit2" style="margin:0;" value="find a dealer" onClick="window.location='viewContent.asp?idpage=4'">
Thank you very much