Hi folks,

I am somewhat new to mysql and php development but i have been able to complete the following the following;

  • Create a log in system
  • Write to a database / read from a DB
  • create wildcard redirects for users (eg. user.url.com rather than

Currently users are able to write to a DB via a php web form. On form submission the data is stored on the DB table.

However, this is where i am somewhat lost and require advice, On form submission i want the recorded data to be fed into a template html/php page.
(eg. user.url.com/created_page.php).

i would assume that it would be incorrect to write out a new php file every time a form has been submitted but rather have one template file manipulated depending on which data is being viewd at that time?

So i have a standard template.php file. i hope to allow users to modify the file-name.php and some extra piece of code within the template file such as page title etc.

user.site.com/my_page.php would point to templates/template.php with the stored data fed into the template file?

Is this possible? I would appreciate any help / direction you are able to provide either on the architecture / structure of the database table to the technical coding aspects.